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Write Your Book in 2019! (2:3)

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Part 2: Location, Numbers, and Deadlines

Congratulations for taking the first steps to write your book! You are just about ready to start, so let’s look at some ways to help you complete your manuscript.

First of all, it is paramount that you set aside time every day and just write. You need a “go-to” place, whether it’s your office, a nook somewhere in your house, or a foldup desk and chair that you can put anywhere. Next, you want to have one location where you store your papers, pens, notes, and anything related to your book—even if it’s a bag or briefcase. The last thing you want to do is waste valuable writing time looking for the very things that will help you complete your manuscript.

The second thing you should do is to set a goal of writing at least ___________words a day. Fill in that blank based on what you feel you can write each day. Suppose you write 1,500 words in a day. There are typically 250 words on a page, so we are talking about six page a day. You can do that.

How long will your book be? That depends on your topic. However, nonfiction books typically range from 120-220 pages (30,000-55,000) and fiction books range from 40,000 or 160 pages and up. Of course, a children’s book will be much shorter, and a fiction book or epic will be much longer. Let’s use 44,000 words or 176 pages, based on 250 words to a page. If you write 1,500 words (six pages) in a day, you will complete book about a month. Remember, we are talking about the rough draft.

Next, set a deadline! A deadline will motivate you and keep you disciplined. A deadline will help you to deal with any excuses not to write. Whether you’re writing your first book or twentieth, you must consider your deadline as sacred. Tell your spouse, a loved one, or trusted friend to hold you accountable—to your daily writing word count and your final deadline.

Finally, on an electronic or physical calendar, put down the number of words/pages you need to produce each day to meet your deadline. As you complete each task, mark it as complete ... this will become positive motivation that will surely keep you on track to finish your book on time.

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