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Top 10 Genuine Websites That Pay You to Write

Are you passionate about writing but worried about making ends meet? Fear not, freelance writer! There are all sorts of publications that will pay you to write. From online finance magazines to travel blogs, there are plenty of companies to write for on a flexible schedule. If you’re willing to adapt to a variety of content, there is no limitation to how much money you can make from freelance writing. Check out these 10 publications that will pay you to do what you love, all the while getting your name out into the published world!

1. Be a Freelance Blogger

This blogging-for-hire website allows writers to create and pitch their unique ideas. If picked, the writer will receive payment, along with editing help and advice to create a strong online impact. Writers can also choose to participate in the blogging contest, Pitchfest, where they are eligible to earn $100.

2. Make a living by writing for Carol Tice’s website

Guest posts are available on this website and pay between $75-$100. Carol Tice started this endeavor with the goal of helping writers increase their income.

3. “Live Better for Less” is The Dollar Stretcher’s slogan

They are looking for people to write factual and statistical articles to contribute to their online collection on saving money. Payment is 10 cents per published word.

4. Envato Tuts+ is a company that helps students acquire creative and technical skills through their online courses and tutorials

They are looking for knowledgeable people in coding, design, illustration, photography, web design, and more to create content for their site. Compensation varies when you become a member of the Envato Tuts+ team.

5. Write for a design inspiration blog!

The Most Inspired website has a blog that focuses on website and development. Authors are paid for their articles on those subjects, and payment varies on length and content.

6. Write for Fresh Books 

Write for a blog that is favored by entrepreneurs and small businesses. Apply and pitch your ideas and earn your spot at making $200 per blog post. 7. The Penny Hoarder If finance is your niche, get paid to write for The Penny Hoarder

Write about your personal experiences and unique ways of saving money in a 700-word post, and earn money doing it! Pay is negotiable upon content and editors will discuss after a pitch.

8. Income Diary: Submit a guest post proposal on creating websites, social media, and making money to Income Diary.

Make up to $200 post for original content.

9. Doctor of Credit

At Doctor of Credit, writers can become regular contributors by writing consumer credit/finance topics. Contributors earn a flat fee based on the length of their articles plus additional revenue from article views.

20. Modern Farmer

Modern Farmer is looking for dynamic writers to create content about people, policy, plants and animals, and agriculture technology. Writers are reportedly paid about $150 per article.

Here are 30 additional URLs to current websites that will pay you to write:

  1. https://achs.edu/guest-blog-achs

  2. https://fundsforwriters.com/submissions/

  3. http://listverse.com/write-get-paid/

  4. http://www.back2college.com/guide.htm

  5. https://ecommerceinsiders.com/write/

  6. https://ecommerceinsiders.com/write/

  7. https://www.metroparent.com/write-for-metro-parent-magazine-and-website/

  8. https://www.sitepoint.com/write-for-us/

  9. https://www.smashingmagazine.com/write-for-us/

  10. https://www.photoshoptutorials.ws/money-photoshop/

  11. https://www.uxbooth.com/contribute/

  12. http://www.instantshift.com/contribute/

  13. https://www.girlslife.com/

  14. https://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/21/fashion/howtosubmit_modernlove.html

  15. https://www.vermontvacation.com/vermont-lifeguidelines-for-contributors/

  16. https://1859oregonmagazine.com/think-oregon/business/writers-guidelines/

  17. http://www.coloradolifemagazine.com/Contribute/

  18. http://www.alaskamagazine.com/articles/contact/submission-guidelines-for-freelance-writers/

  19. https://www.pageonepublishing.ca/handsomehank/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Douglas-Submission-Guidelines.pdf?143ce5

  20. https://www.newmexico.org/nmmagazine/contact/

  21. https://blademag.com/writers-guidelines

  22. https://www.birdwatchingdaily.com/the-magazine/submission-guidelines/

  23. https://www.canoekayak.com/contributors-guidelines/

  24. http://www.hoofbeatsmagazine.com/contact.cfm

  25. https://blackbeltmag.com/article-submission

  26. https://www.chronofhorse.com/page/writers-guidelines

  27. http://www.facetjewelry.com/magazine/submission-guidelines/2016/05/facet-submission-information

  28. http://westernartandarchitecture.com/about/contribute

  29. https://www.digitalocean.com/write-for-donations/

  30. https://www.transitionsabroad.com/information/writers/writers.shtml

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