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Editorial Services

It's easier than ever to get your book published, but publishing with quality takes experience & finesse.

Editorial Services

Our team of experienced and professional writers and editors work on each project as if it were their very own

Pick a statement that best describes your manuscript:


"I don't have a manuscript yet - but I have a great idea and need some help."


Writing Coaching:

Coaching packages consist of 12, 50-minute sessions.

Your writing coach helps you organize your project, determine a writing schedule, and set writing goals.

Your coach reviews the stages of writing with you, including an initial outline, research, and various drafts.

Together, you will develop a clear and compelling premise (nonfiction) or plot (fiction), determine a tone, style, and voice based on the intended audience.



Price starts at $12,000 for a 30,000 word manuscript.

With your knowledge and input, one of our professional writers will work to create a manuscript, fiction or nonfiction, that is ready for the production process.

I Don't Have a Manuscript

"I have a first draft, but I'm not sure what I need next."


Developmental/Rewrite Editing:

A “book doctor” will work with you to create your rough outline into a coherent and readable manuscript.

Fiction book doctor helps organize, sharpen, and tighten the manuscript to enhance storytelling and create believable characters and dialogue, with a coherent plot and appropriate setting.

Nonfiction, a book doctor strives for writing that is clear and concise, thought provoking, and on target


Substantive Editing:

You have a completed rough document or manuscript but it needs TLC. A substantive editor addresses, adds, and changes wording, sentences, paragraphs, etc., in a way that changes the work, but leaves your voice and style intact.

 A substantive edit may involve reordering or rewriting segments to improve readability, clarity, and accuracy to create a must-read manuscript.

I Have a First Draft
Ready to Publish?

Don't Let Your Legacy Wait...


"My manuscript is polished and I'm ready to finalize the editing."


Copy Editing

A copy editor focuses on the “five Cs” – writing that is clear, correct, concise, complete, and consistent. You can expect noticeable change to your original writing that will make you feel confident knowing that your book is close to being “publish-ready.”


 Every book needs proofreading, no matter how prolific the writer. Spelling and grammar errors are a “turn off” to readers.

Our eagle-eye proofreaders will correct minor errors such as verb tense, correct use of numbers, i.e. “10” or “ten,” while addressing spelling, grammar, punctuation, throughout your work. We offer a single and double proofread.

I'm Ready for Editing
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