Top 10 Books for Sustainable Living

February 26, 2019

 Sustainability is a topic that does not often cross our busy minds. People tend to acknowledge environmental issues such as climate change, deforestation, and diminishing water sources, but don’t take the time to consider solutions. Daily life can be stressful and overwhelming, so it is understandable that most of us are resistant to change. However, taking steps towards sustainability can be easier than you think. Here is a list of the top 10 books on sustainability to help get you started! We carry several of these titles in our online bookstore. 


1.Quenching the Thirst: Sustainable Water Supply & Climate Change by George Annandale

This author is backed up by a lifelong career in water resources engineering. He has witnessed the effects that the decreasing water supply has had around the world. This book provides the insight and education necessary to achieving global change. If you’re interested in the impacts of climate change on our planet’s water supply, this is the book for you.


2. Beautiful and Abundant by Bryan Welch

This book helps readers visualize what a prosperous and sustainable future could look like for humankind. It provides a process for how to transform your lifestyle and look past obstacles that stop you from creating change. 


3. Diet for a Hot Planet: The Climate Crisis at the End of Your Fork by Anna Lappe

Anna Lappe discusses how what we eat can ultimately cause climate change. She unearths various issues that most of the public are unaware of. From cutting down rainforests for palm oil to the amount of grain used to feed cattle, this book informs and inspires readers to be mindful about what is on their plates.


4. Green Home Building: Money-Saving Strategies for an Affordable, Healthy, High-Performance Home by Miki Cook & Doug Garrett

If you’re looking to make some earth-friendly changes to your home but are privy to the stigma that building a green home is expensive, this book is for you. It defines strategies to maximize return on green home investments and eliminate waste from your household. Effective for homeowners, builders, designers, and architects, Green Home Building is a must-read.


5. The Water-Wise Home: How to Conserve, Capture, and Reuse Water in Your Home & Landscape by Laura Allen

Laura Allen uncovers ways to save yourself money while saving the world’s most valuable resource. The Water-Wise Home makes it easy by teaching techniques on how to harvest rainwater, create a water-wise landscape, compost, and much more.


6. Eco House Book by Terence Conran

Whether you want to completely redesign your home or just redecorate, this complete guide to environmentally friendly home improvement provides you with all the latest information. Learn to reduce your family’s carbon footprint, reduce water waste, and improve your quality of life.


7. Sleeping Naked is Green: How an Eco-Cynic Unplugged her Fridge, Sold Her Car, and Found Love in 366 Days by Vanessa Farquharson

Author Vanessa Farquharson takes on the challenge of picking one “green” thing to do every day for a year to document what is doable and what is difficult. This self-reflection requires things like unplugging a fridge, switching to all-natural products, and washing hair with apple cider vinegar. Get a firsthand perspective on going green to decide what environmentally friendly changes could work for you.


8. 100 Ways to Save the World by Johan Tell

There are many books on sustainability that love to finger-point and place blame for the environmental issues we have. This book does the opposite and offers an easy-to-understand perspective on why everyone should care about sustainability. It focuses on solutions, positivity, and the legacy we will leave behind.


9. The Sustainability Secret: Rethinking Our Diet to Transform the World by Kip Andersen

This book explores possibly the most destructive force on our planet: animal agriculture. The companion to award-winning documentary, Cowspiracy, it uncovers alarming facts about how the raising and processing of animals for food causes detrimental effects to our environment. Well-researched and backed up by experts, this book will make you rethink everything you’ve ever learned about food.


10. 150 Best Sustainable House Ideas by Francesc Zamora

Looking for a practical, modern, and innovative way to live? Look no further than 150 Best Sustainable House Ideas. It shows the latest options that are available for sustainable living. Solar paneling, thermal glazing, and wind energy systems are a few environmentally friendly ideas that exist in home design. Discover how living sustainably can be affordable and rewarding, to both you and the planet.





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