This is an exciting time! You are weeks away from having a book ready for sale. We take pride in offering you the best layouts, covers and E-book formats available. 


Layout: A layout specialist will create the best visual layout, including type of text, placement of images, charts, and photographs. Specialized layouts may include pull quote boxes, appendix, and glossary of terms.

Price starts at $599 and is dependent upon size and complexity of your manuscript. 

Cover Design: Your cover is the most important selling feature of your work, and we offer two types of cover designs to meet your budget. A graphic specialist will create up to three cover designs for you to choose from. Or you can: 1) supply your own concept that can be recreated into a cover; 2) supply a print-ready cover. (There will still be a charge to convert the cover into the correct size and format for printing.) 

$599 and $899


E-book: E-books are created in the most popular formats, such as Epub, Mobi, and Kindle. Price starts at $299 and is dependent upon the size and complexity of your manuscript. 


ISBN: Every book available to the public is given a unique number identifier. $79


Library of Congress #: Books that are sold in bookstores—not those strictly sold online—are assigned a Library of Congress number. $59


Optional Services


Book Trailer: We will create a unique video up to 60 seconds in length. Text only, $299. Voice over and text, $499.


Audio Books: Take advantage of this growing trend by having your print book produced as an audio book. Listen to your content come alive, as your book is read by a professional voice actor expertly matched to your project and genre. We handle everything, from the production to uploading your files to iTunes, Amazon, and Audible. Custom quotes offered. 


Listings/Distribution: International listing and distribution via Ingram, with over 25,000 online retailers - including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo, and more. $199 or $299

You can Contact Us for more details regarding any of our production services.