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Write Your Book in 2019! (1:3)

Part 1: Getting Started – The Writing Process

This is the year you must write your book. Why? Because you’ve decided to! That book inside of you is itching to come out. It wants to come alive and say to the world, “Hey, look what I have for you!”

You might have had your book idea bouncing around in your head for months, or even years. But here’s the rub: While you feel the idea is solid, because it is trapped in your mind, it’s hard to figure out where and how to start writing. Here is some practical advice to help you jump-start the book writing process.

Let’s start by with a couple of questions. Do you read magazines? Have you ever read an article and thought I could write that? Well, if you think you can write an article, then you can write a book chapter. And if you can write one book chapter, then you can write several chapters. After you put several chapters together—voila, you have a book J.

You now understand that a book is simply a series of articles joined together by a common theme, which is the message you want the reader to comprehend.

You may now be asking yourself, Okay, I can write a series of articles on my topic, but can I really write a book? Those who ask this question are simply asking for permission to write. They are looking for encouragement to overcome their fears. If you are one of these people, you may think I’m not as smart as the author who wrote _______________. I’m not as good a writer as __________________. That’s wrong thinking. Whatever author you are comparing yourself to got started exactly where you are right now. He or she was a novice writer with a great idea. Here’s a secret: even the multi-million dollar booksellers have doubts and fears when they first start writing. So congratulations—you have the potential to be the next best-selling author. Here is another secret. Anyone can write a book. All you have to do is start writing.

As you start writing your book, here is a new mantra for you to repeat over and over: "I am a writer. I can write a book. I am a writer. I can write a book." When you say these words, you are giving yourself permission to write. And that’s all you really need to start writing!

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