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Welcome To AuthorSource

If you are new to our website, you’ve come to a great place for author resources and education.

There are countless self-publishing companies on the Internet, and you might be thinking, What makes this company different? We are glad you asked.☺ One of the great things that makes AuthorSource unique is we have “earned our stripes” in the trenches. With a combined work experience of over 20 years, our team has run their own writing and editing companies and held various positions with self-publishing companies. While gaining much needed knowledge, we’ve also noticed a sad-to-say, ongoing trend in the self-publishing world—unethical practices. We’ve seen salespeople pitch high-priced products that can be bought for a fraction of the cost. We’ve worked with authors who paid for “x” but received “y.” (Yep, the old bait-and-switch is still in vogue today.

Self-publishing companies change their packages and prices all the time and somehow “fail” to tell their authors). We’ve also seen a very disturbing trend in which authors pay for editing services but only receive proofreading. And the worst part is that authors have to figure out what changes should be kept and which ones should be rejected. This creates a nightmare for both experienced and first-time authors.

Frustrated by the many unethical practices in the self-publishing world, the AuthorSource team decided put their collective heads together and came up with a solution: We have created a company that does what is right for the author. Wow, now that’s a simple concept.

In the blogs that follow, we want to help you understand the various aspects of writing, editing, layout, printing, marketing, and so much more. We’ll give our knowledge away for free so you can ask the right questions and feel confident that you are in control of your book’s publishing and marketing. After all, that’s why you decided to go the self-publishing route in the first place.

We hope you enjoy our blogs and we look forward to your comments!

Until next time,

The AuthorSource Team

Get Published. Be Heard.

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