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10 Books To Unleash Your Inner Writer

It's Book Club Week! As writers, we may experience time periods where we feel stuck and our creative process is undoubtedly hindered. This diverse list of top 10 books for writers will give you inspiration, insight, and direction to becoming a better writer all-around.

These are the books you'll want to keep on your shelf long after you've read them. In fact, you’ll likely return to them, over and over, as you journey through your writing career. 

Let’s dive in!

Ray Bradbury - Zen in the Art of Writing This inspiring book of essays offers advice for fiction writers, pockets of inspiration, and insight to the author's unique way of creating. Bradbury breaks down the how and why that went into creating his own works of art.  Natalie Goldberg - Writing Down the Bones Goldberg delves into the core reason writers feel they need to write: to communicate who they are and how they feel. This helpful, introspective study urges writers to forget about the rules that often expand and develop our creative process. 

Creating Character Arcs will help you build complex characters and intriguing story lines. Weiland suggests following a checklist of character arc guidelines and looking closely at the psychology of human behavior. This comprehensive book will teach you how to determine which arc, positive, negative, or flat, is perfect for each of your characters. In this book, you will discover how to blend story structure and character development. 

This master class, written by one of the most legendary authors of all time, will reveal a practical view of the writer's craft. King shares the basic tools of the trade he believes every writer should have. This empowering and entertaining bestseller will motivate every writer to jumpstart their journey. 

From the New York Times bestselling author comes a book that shares unique perspective about creativity. Elizabeth Gilbert gives insight into her own creative process, discussing attitudes, approaches, and habits useful to help you live your most innovative life. If you are looking to energize your life with mindfulness and passion, Big Magic will do the trick. 

Daily Rituals covers all the bits and pieces that make up a creative process. This brilliantly compiled book delves into the rituals of many great artists. Poets, playwrights, authors, and artists alike will enjoy this behind the scenes peak into the minds of creative geniuses. If you are suffering from a case of writer's block, try working standing up in the kitchen like Thomas Wolfe. Or get your writing done while ironing, like George Balanchine. Whatever your daily ritual may be, you'll enjoy the diversity this book offers. 

Dialogue: The Art of Verbal Action for Page, Stage, and Screen serves as a writing workshop on how to craft artful and impactful speech. McKee works to deconstruct key scenes in popular shows and plays; illustrating the strategies of creating compelling dialogue. 

Another bestselling author, Annie Lamott, provides a firsthand look at her struggles and triumphs in the writing world. What is most comforting, is she relates to the overwhelming pressure of creating a masterpiece. Much like the term 'take it day by day,' Lamott says to take it 'bird by bird.' Further insight to this comedic anecdote are found in her book. In short, this hilarious hidden gem shares valuable advice on writing and on life. 

S.K. Quinn - Indie Author Survival Guide

Think back to your childhood role-model, and how they seemed to know everything about navigating through life. Now imagine that role-model shares their secrets of failure and triumph with you. That is exactly what Susan Quinn does in this writer's survival guide. She shares her experiences in a way that is relatable to every kind of writer. You'll finish this book with a profound perspective on the writing world (and an invisible role-model that sits angelically atop your shoulder, offering support wherever your writing takes you). 

This intriguing story captures the reader’s attention by delving into how our brains react to stories and providing exercises that help you develop your characters. Story Genius pushes every writer to look inward and discover the true depth of their passion. 

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