An imprint is a trade name that identifies a line of books within a publishing company. Having your own imprint gives you the ability to publish your own books, retain complete control of your royalties, and enjoy the freedom to do what you love—writing—all with the benefit of an expert publishing team behind you every step of the way!


Having your own publishing imprint allows you to:

  • maintain full control over your books

  • receive 100 percent royalties on your sales

  • increase sources of revenue by adding more authors to your imprint

  • order your own book at cost directly from the printer (no minimum)

  • check sales anytime

  • maintain your copyright

  • have a unique logo for your new imprint

  • books will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as available for order in bookstores - internationally

  • Amazon’s “Search Inside the Book” feature

  • ISBN + barcode services


Receive industry support when needed, and guidance to go-it-alone when wanted. In addition to your own imprint, you can take advantage of our professional editing, production, printing, and marketing services to take your book to the top of the best seller list, around the world with a virtual book tour, and more.

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Are you ready to take your authorship to the next level? You can by owning your own...

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With over 20 years of experience in the publishing world, AuthorSource Media is perfectly positioned to help you have your own imprint. Whether you are an individual, an entrepreneur, a for-or-nonprofit organization, a business, or a corporation, we offer a low cost and transparent system that will catapult you into the publishing space. With your own imprint, you can produce your own books AND have other authors publish under your label—and there is no limit to the number of authors you can add!

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